Find Out Who The God Of Obsession Is With ZeXzy

Nigerian singer-songwriter ZeXzy is making waves with his latest drops, including “Obsession”, a single with thousands upon thousands of streams and new fans constantly joining his already large audience. Receiving powerful reviews on various media outlets including the prestigious Billboard magazine print copy of June 2022, “Obsession” is topping off charts and we’re loving it!

This is a sensual creation that explores the insatiable desire ladies have for the God of Obsession, whereas the God himself is quite detached and aloof. There is even a note of frustration in Natasha Gartner’s (the female vocals) voice as she sings toward the end, repeating how she is “falling” for the God. Overall, “Obsession” is a beautiful piece with the most unique afrobeat soundscapes mixed with elements of other genres. This hit is about to turn into a mega-hit with a music video in the works! Stay tuned for more!

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