F.O.O.L. Unleashes Impressive Debut Album ‘MACHINE’ via Monstercat Uncaged

Sporting his iconic mask, F.O.O.L. is the perfect representation of the future, inviting us into his own neon fueled cyberpunk-esque world, where a fusion of bass and cinematic soundscapes reign supreme. We recently shared the single ‘Encounter‘ from our favorite cyberpunk hero F.O.O.L., and now we’re thrilled to share that he’s unleashed his debut album ‘Machine’ via Monstercat Uncaged.

This album from start to finish is a testament to just how talented he is no matter the genre he finds himself in. Songs like The Law” with PYLOT, features a crossover of opera samples paired seamlessly with a mesmerizing retrowave backing, while “Motor” with THIRST, comes thundering through with his electrifying take on phonk.

“Duality” offers hard hitting drums amidst a sonic battle of good vs evil, while “Valhalla” whisks the listener away into the cinematic real reminiscent of movies such as Drive, concluding with an epic drum and bass drop of epic proportions. F.O.O.L closes out the album with a brilliant song titled “Origin”, merging his roots with intoxicating rhythms, blissful synth chords, electric guitar, ethereal vocal echoes.

“‘MACHINE’ is an invitation to my new sound that developed at the start of 2020. The concept behind this album is that F.O.O.L is hooked up to a machine, which is making him evolve and become more powerful, symbolic of how I have evolved my sound. For a little over a decade now, I have been creating and experimenting with all different kinds of genres across the world of electronic music. It is not until now that it finally feels like I am creating the type of music that I was destined to.” – F.O.O.L

F.O.O.L has accumulated a substantial following in the gaming community. He has had multiple placements on Rocket League, such as “INERTIA” and his remix of “Horsepower” with TOKYO ROSE. MACHINE will be one of Rocket League’s biggest features yet, with “Duality” being the lead theme of Season 9 and five songs landing on the brand-new Season 13. Additionally, “Valhalla”, “The Law”, and “Tension” can be heard on past seasons.

Listen below!