Emerging Artist Jade Latrice Drops a New Song “I Choose Me”

After marking her own territory in the R&B scene, Jade Latrice’s new single “I Choose Me”  makes her applicability rightfully earned.

The young R&B star exceeds all expectations with an evolutionary soulful approach that makes her multi-layered vocals and choruses stand out. Despite her originality, the artist’s style was highly influenced by some of the industry’s biggest names, Beyonce, H.E.R and Summer Walker.

A song about appreciating ourselves, Latrice’s lyrics focus on not underestimating herself and being confident in her own skin. Self doubt is more relevant than ever and the Chicago-native is advocating for all those who keep doubting themselves. As a young beginner, the unique vocalist has been making her way to the top of the R&B industry, becoming a persistent creator. 

Outside the industry, before debuting her songs “I Like It” and “Make It Home,”  Jade Latrice used to put her talent to good use by making covers of her favorite songs to her young online fanbase. Now, making her own singles, Latrice is set to take over with singles like “I Choose Me,” which is now available on all streaming platforms and purchasing. 

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