DROELOE Releases Fantastic Live Video To Hit Single “Landscape” With Banji

DROELOE is without a doubt one of the most talented artists around whose ability to play multiple instruments and not be locked into one genre is part of what has garnered such a massive following around his career thus far.

He recently releseaed the 2nd single off of his forthcoming debut solo album ‘The Art of Change’ – titled “Landscape” with indie pop quartet Banji, that has been dominating the streaming world over the past two weeks. Spotify placed him on the cover of their Creamy playlist while Amazon has him as the cover artist for their Hyperpop playlist. He’s garnered plenty more editorial support, and in tandem with all of this momentum comes a live adaption of “Landscape”.

It’s fascinating to see DROELOE & Banji showcase their undeniable chemistry in what makes a fantastic rendition just as good as the original. “Landscape” infuses DROELOE’s thematic trumpet and Banji’s staccato keys with fresh harmonizing sing-along playful lyrics, creating a unique pop and electronic twist. 

Check it out for yourself below!

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