DJ Snake Spills the Beans on Malaa x Fisher Collab

There’s much buzz about a potential Malaa x Fisher collaboration, all thanks to DJ Snake.

Malaa took to Instagram live for his second Illegal Stream set over quarantine and DJ Snake showed up with some rather juicy inside information. As if the killer track selects and new IDs didn’t get us hyped up enough, Snake revealed something even more exciting…

“Drop that collab with @fisher,” he chimed in.

Of course, DJ Snake is referring to the same act that’s delivered us smash hits with “Losing It” and “You Little Beauty” — his real handle, by the way, is @followthefishtv. Needless to say, a Malaa x Fisher track would be absolutely massive.

Whether or not this collaboration is actually happening and when is up for debate, but DJ Snake is a very reliable source. See the screenshot below and keep your eyes on Malaa’s Instagram account for more info.

Malaa x Fisher???


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