Dirt Monkey Drops Thunderous ‘MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1’ LP

With a revolutionary sound, Dirt Monkey has a knack for crossing so many genres across the electronic spectrum and succeeding incredibly well. The forward-thinking artist is always one step ahead, and continuously unites the bass music community at festivals such as EDC Las Vegas and Electric Forest. Late-night headline shows with Dirt Monkey always result in top-notch visual production, but most importantly, showcase his signature bass-infused sound we all fell in love with from the start. Seamlessly shifting levels in his production abilities, Dirt Monkey is now blessing the music scene with the highly-anticipated release of his “MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 1LP.

After revealing the first single “Ignite” featuring Christian Acamo and calling out all of the dubstep enthusiasts, Dirt Monkey has revealed his stellar 12-track LP that spans multiple genres. A true masterpiece that is a representation of his talent, dedication, and willingness to push the boundaries of his craft, Dirt Monkey will be making the ground shake with this impressive and highly-anticipated album. With festival-ready tunes including “Reset Button,” and “Bounce Heavy,” Dirt Monkey transitions from wobbling bass and slow-tempo madness to a high-energy house flair for the masses. An immediate crowd-pleaser, Dirt Monkey has called upon artists such as Shanna Raymond, J Nolan, and Ragga Twins for this eclectic release.

As Dirt Monkey makes his mark in the music industry one electrifying beat at a time, the talented artist has shown the sky is the limit as he gears up for his next release of “MYCELIUM SOUND PT. 2”, the deep dubstep counterpart to his prior release, on October 25, 2023.

Listen below!