Diplo Says He's "Not Trying To Make Meme Country" With New Project Album

Diplo‘s country album Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley: Snake Oil Chapter 1 released last Friday and now that the dust has settled, he’s setting the record straight.

Make no mistake — Diplo aka Thomas Wesley believes country, hip hop, and dance music are meant for each other. Country storylines, with trap drums and a Young Thug feature may not have ever existed on the same album if it weren’t for Diplo. Not to mention his insanely viral “Old Town Road” remix.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the producer touches on what it’s like putting out a record with so much going on in the country — “I don’t think it’s the easiest thing to do,” he admits. But he hopes tracks like “Heartless” with Morgan Wallen will cut through and provide some sort of relief, as his newfound country style does for him.

He speaks on his country-crossover intentions…

I’m not trying to make meme country, you know? The songs are great. If you take everything off, the production of it, they’re just great songs you could sing with an acoustic guitar.

As well as music fusion…

…I grew up listening to country music and hip-hop equally, and dance music, because I was into that too. There’s a way to bridge it together if you think about it really well.

And, finally, if we’ll be hearing more from Thomas Wesley…

A hundred percent. I’ve already started writing some ideas.

…I’m gonna try to get it out before the year’s over.

Listen to the album and read the full interview here.


Source: Rolling Stone