Crab Rave gets its own video game 5 years later

When Noisestorm released “Crab Rave” with Monstercat for April Fool’s Day five years ago, no one thought that it would become such an integral part of meme culture. Thousands of memes are created every day, some intentional and some with wanton abandon — “Crab Rave” seems to be in the latter group. It’s a silly video of crabs dancing at the end of the day.

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But, somehow, it caught on.

Now, five years to the day later, Noisestorm himself has created his own video game called “Crab Champions.”

The game is a roguelike, meaning you will play the same general map rotation with an ever-evolving list of skills and abilities to help you defeat your foes. (FFO: Hades, Gunfire Reborn, Weird RPG, Brotato.) You can play solo or with up to three friends, shooting and looting across the beach.

At time of publishing, you can purchase Crab Champions for 15% off normal price on Steam for $8.49.