Chris Costello Releases Highly Anticipated, ‘Chasing A Feeling’

Chris Costello, a talented musician, has recently released his highly anticipated EP titled “Chasing A Feeling,” marking it as his most significant project of the year 2023. This EP comprises a collection of five songs, including the well-received singles “Nothing I Won’t Do” and “Never Far Away,” along with the title track “Chasing A Feeling” and two brand new compositions.

One of the newly introduced tracks in the EP is titled “Stay Where You Are,” which captivates listeners right from the start with its mesmerizing piano and vocal introduction. As the song progresses, it skillfully integrates electronic elements to produce an enchanting and optimistic atmosphere.

The climactic moment of “Stay Where You Are” flawlessly delivers a heightened experience, seamlessly blending with the overall essence of the song. This particular section feels organic and appropriate within the composition, elevating the listener’s emotional journey.

Overall, the EP exemplifies a well-executed fusion of exceptional production, well-crafted songwriting, and a contemporary aesthetic that breathes new life into the progressive house genre. Chris Costello successfully strikes a harmonious balance between these elements, resulting in a refreshing and modern musical experience.

With “Chasing A Feeling,” Chris Costello solidifies his position as an accomplished artist, showcasing his growth and artistic evolution. This EP serves as a testament to his skillful artistry and ability to captivate audiences with his unique musical vision. Fans and newcomers alike will undoubtedly find themselves immersed in the captivating soundscape that Chris Costello has meticulously crafted in this latest release.