Bottle Service Clubs Begin To Open In LA, Complete With Girls Popping Out Of Coffins

Remember the feeling of going to a club? It’s been three months since COVID-19 shuttered the doors of the entertainment and nightlife industries and going out for a drink or a late night seems like a distant memory. But with many states entering new phases of reopening, some clubs are reopening, social distancing restrictions be damned.

According to Guest of a Guest, “L.A.’s Penthouse Day Club […] opened its doors this Sunday for the first time since California lockdowns began back in March. The ‘soft reopening’ came in the form of a brunch party wherein table reservations were mandatory and individual groups were capped at 10 people.”

That being said, social distancing, which is still recommended by California guidelines was hardly adhered to or enforced. While staff wore face masks, they rarely appeared on the faces of guests who held flutes of champagne or brought forks of food to their eager mouths.

Even more jarring, thanks to video from LA promoter “K The Promoter” on Instagram, was the sight of bottle service girls popping out of actual coffins carried into the crowd by staff. It’s a curious exercise to ponder what exactly the point of the coffins was or what they might signify. The easy answer is that no one really thought about it that far and just said, “Yeah, that seems like a cool idea.”

If you were to analyze it further, whether to your own benefit or detriment, it’s a bit of a tasteless stunt when nearly 120,000 people in the US have died from the virus and over 2 million have been infected, with cases on the rise again in many states.

According to GOAG, the spectacle apparently cost “roughly $20,000.” I guess that unemployment money has been burning a hole in people’s pockets, eh?