barnacle boi Releases Thumping ‘Introspect’ EP

Ian Oliver, known as barnacle boi, has not only carved a niche for himself at prominent music festivals this year, like Imagine Fest, Wakaan Fest, Elements Fest, and Sound Haven, but also made a notable double appearance at Red Rocks in late 2022. Revered for his deeply emotional, bass-centric, and evocative trap compositions, as well as for his collaborations with icons such as Bones (TeamSESH), Holly Stell, and Madi Larson, barnacle boi’s star is on the rise. Bolstered by support from huge names like Alice Glass and Finn Wolfhard of “Stranger Things”, he draws from the nostalgic chords of 90’s/2000’s anthems, infusing them with his groundbreaking innovations.

Now, he’s back with his highly anticipated ‘Introspect’ EP – making his label debut on Vibe Digital. The result is truly spectacular, as barnacle boi creates a thrilling ride from start to finish on this six track EP. The title track sets the tone, making a thunderous entrance while the subsequent song “Love Hotel” ushers in a more contemplative, downtempo element beautifully executed.

“In The Dark” encompasses notes of festival trap mixed seamlessly with cinematic textures while “U Were Everything 2 Me” takes us even further down the rabbit hole into the sonic bliss curated by barnacle boi. “Stubborn” offers a mesmerizing vibe while “Sorry” caps off the EP with a darker, UK garage sound that yet again shows just how sonically eclectic barnacle boi is.

Listen below!