Austin Experiences Spike In New Coronavirus Cases Following City's Reopening

Austin, Texas has experienced a spike in new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and health officials are on high alert.

This news comes following Austin’s reopening and as the local economy works to get back on track. However, this may be at the expense of health and human lives, with 425 new cases have popped up across the city.

Austin Public Health’s Dr. Mark Escott said:

It’s up to our community to make sure that we keep a lid on disease transmission. We can tolerate some uptick in hospitalizations, but we are very careful to watch the risk of exponential increase in our community, which may indicate a trend towards overwhelming our healthcare system.

The city’s goal is to keep average numbers of new hospitalizations below 20 every 7-day period. Currently, the average is about 10.

H-E-B still “strongly encourages the use of masks or facial coverings by all our customers in all stores.”


Source: CBS Austin