Andy Keels Delivers A Heartfelt Performance In His New Release “Get Up Stand Up”

NYC-based singer-songwriter Andy Keels already established himself as an artist creating heartfelt releases. His previous song “Dead To Me” was an emotional rollercoaster for the audience, and now, he just delivered the perfect follow-up experience. The artist’s new single is titled “Get Up Stand Up.” The song develops in a grunge-inspired soundscape, which is both inspiring and uplifting. The music goes hand in hand with the theme of the song as the lyrics encourage us to move forward. The song recorded in Germano Studios in New York is an encouragement to stay strong when it comes to admitting the end of something dear to you. 

Andy motivates not to be afraid of leaving someone behind when the relationship is over. Perfect advice yet not an easy one, Andy. The song was released in collaboration with Grammy-winning engineer and producer Dave Rowland, known for working with artists like Kanye West, The Killers, and John Legend. Together, the duo transformed a traumatic and heartbreaking experience into an uplifting and powerful anthem with groovy soundscapes.