A Completely Biased Ranking of Emily Henry’s Romance Books

Happily Ever After

One fan’s entirely subjective list of Henry’s romance novels

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Cincinnati author Emily Henry was a successful young-adult fiction writer best known for her female-driven stories that delved into magical realism and a hint of the extraterrestrial. But in the past four years, since the fortuitous publication of her first adult romance novel Beach Read, Henry has gone from an author with a small yet devoted fan base to a publishing titan with four New York Times Best Sellers and 2.4 million books sold worldwide. In an online book space dominated by flops, Henry’s name has become synonymous with fleshed-out storylines and a modern take on romance that centers her character’s personhood above their romantic pursuits — something she has TikTok’s publishing corner, BookTok, to thank for. 

“I feel afraid [of BookTok] but I love it,” she told Time in 2023. “They brought reading back into the public sphere in a way that I feel like it hasn’t been in so long so it’s kind of magical.” 

As an avid reader who averages around 100 books a year, I have read every one of Henry’s books at least twice, and some no less than five times. And what better way to celebrate the release of Henry’s newest romance novel than to create a completely biased ranking of her best adult romance novels, based on my entirely subjective opinion as probably the biggest Emily Henry fan of all time? Here are my rankings and explanations.