44 Ardent Drops Compelling House & Lofi single, “double shot flat white”

44 Ardent has proven he can traverse all sorts of genres in the electronic music spectrum and truly excel at it. We recently shared his previous deep house single “bones (sinking like stones)” and we’re thrilled to see that he’s back, this time with a track dedicated to a fantastic order at the coffee shop, “double shot flat white”.

It’s another impeccable slice of his experimental sound & style, boasting a breakbeat drum pattern paired with lofi chords and some mesmerizing synth patterns.  

I have been listening to a lot of heavier dance music, particularly the new Skrillex records, and sat down to write something with a bit more punch. Coffee is an essential part of making dance music at 7am, so when it came time to record lyrics the song became an ode to my favourite caffeinated beverage. Here is a poem about double shot flat whites written by a computer, which I think perfectly encapsulates my thoughts, enjoy!” – 44 Ardent

Listen below!