Last week Ed Banger information set the world ablaze when it performed Thomas Bangalter's newest report on a social media publish. The tune referred to as ‘Riga (Take 5)' was created for the arthouse movie, Riga (Take One). The tune was by no means formally launched and solely a only a few copies of the report exist as we speak.

The single is over 15 minutes in size and is a fever dream of acid techno bliss. Nobody knew the place Ed Banger procured the report from or what would turn into of it. Today, we acquired the reply to the latter of these two questions. Turns out one other outstanding French DJ snatched up the report.

David Guetta Scores Masterful Bangalter Record

Thomas Bangalter, who is best generally known as the silver robotic from Daft Punk has labored independently of the duo for a bit now, producing tracks for artists in addition to releasing solo tracks as soon as in a blue moon.

On Instagram as we speak, David Guetta recorded a video of him unboxing a report, and certain sufficient – it was the very same report from the Ed Banger report. I suppose it pays to be the 2nd most profitable DJ/producer on the planet!

David Guetta Purchases One Of The Ultra Rare Copies Of Half Of Daft Punk's Latest RecordDavid Guetta Purchases One Of The Ultra Rare Copies Of Half Of Daft Punk's Latest Record

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