Weekly Roundup XI (feat. Afrojack, VER:WEST, Hi-Lo and more!)

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Had your fill of watching bunch of fictional Korean characters getting killed for money, but now browsing through your Insta feed? Well, perhaps you can spare some attention to this edition of Weekly Roundup. Let’s see checks list: we have new singles from the likes of Afrojack, SaberZ, Nina Kraviz and more to talk about, so why don’t we start already?

Afrojack, DubVision, Lucas & Steve – Anywhere With You

After our slight distaste towards Afrojack’s recent workings, “Anywhere With You” is making things right. Well, almost.

The Dutch Electro House giant decided to team-up with the natives Lucas & Steve and DubVision. Sounds mighty on paper. The execution? Not so much. Happy melodies typical to L&S signature make their mark, as DubVision-esque sound design provides the basis for a laid back and chipper Future House drop.

Not a lot of experimenting done here, but it’s fine if you’re into this sort of style.

Jonny Spalding – Community

Hertfordshire denizen Jonny Spalding is no stranger to offering catchy songwriting wrapped in an embrace of warm and delightful electronic sounds. “Community” rounds-up his discography featuring other talented acts, including remixes that further validates his proficiency in blurring the genre lines without hesitation.

Lasting over seven memorable songs, this mixtape features earworms like “Talk 21”: a hypnagogic instrumental with dreamy synths and heartfelt vocals; “Break Me”, which happens to be a smoother Dance/Hip-hop amalgamate and then “Hole In My Heart” (which we reviewed earlier) is a gorgeous homage to the golden age of 90s Diva House.

If indie electronic is your cup of tea,“Community” is a great recommendation.

French 79 – Diamond Veins (VER:WEST Remix)

Just the other day, I was listening to pre-EDM Tiesto and got notified that VER:WEST has made a return, again.

The original from French 79 featuring vocalist Sarah Rebecca, is a slow and elegant synth-pop piece which the Dutch veteran transformed into a 120 something BPM Melodic Techno. The bassline is nicely mixed in-between a brooding brass and fast paced one-note riff bass, while the sonorous synths from the archetype version provide for a vintage feel.

Interesting direction taken by the AFTR:HRS head honcho. Until next time!

SaberZ x Drifter5- Huang

Long time Rave Culture residents SaberZ have done a synergy with uprising Taipei based talent Drifter5, going for that beloved acid-tinged W&W Tranceroom.

The Hungarian duo stuck to their usual style of melodic hook and aggressive riffs, while the breakdown has ethnic Asian influences throughout, a nice addition from the younger act. “Huang” is a decent beast of a Big Room that fits snugly into W&W’s imprint. RC needs to bring in more new faces to up their ante!

Nina Kraviz- Skyscrapers (Hi-Lo Remix)

Whatever Oliver Heldens is having for breakfast, I need it as well.

The Amsterdam based heavyweight has nailed the production game like no other. Especially his alter-alias Hi-Lo has been industrious throughout this year, along with his main alias. The man’s a genius in disguise, period.

“Skyscrapers”, a single from the Russian DJ/Producer Nina Kraviz, got a warehouse treatment with sturdier kick-drums rumbling alongside delicate arps and robust analog low-end: a perfect recipe. What struck me the most was the splendid balance done between melodic and rave-y Techno, a hybrid cleverly synthesized by Heldens. Again, a must listen for the fans!

Chee, Tsuruda – Trailblazer

Finishing off today’s list is something grungey and grimey: Chee and Tsuruda are completely unfamiliar to me, candidly speaking, but “Trailblazer” made sure I will be looking out for their releases.

Don’t let the calm intro put wool over your eyes: the drop that ensues after is gargantuan, with Hip-hop/Trap schematics drenched in mechanistic whirring and resonation. Ample booming 808 low-end makes the instrumental shine and flow, as the distorted sound-design is evident of the adept skillsets at work here. Damn good!

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