Tucker Carlson Duped Into Interviewing Prankster About Kate Middleton

Tucker Carlson was apparently duped into interviewing a YouTube prankster who presented himself as a UK royal family whistleblower.

Amid increased interest over the health and whereabouts of Kate Middleton, a YouTuber named Archie Manners reached out to Carlson claiming to be a “producer of digital content” who had been fired for doing a poor job photoshopping Middleton’s recent proof of life photo.

Even more embarrassing, Manners presented Carlson and his staff with a forged proof of employment document that included a clause noting that Kensington Palace had the right amputate one of his limbs should he fail his probation period (which neither Carlson nor his staff apparently noticed), as well as a re-edit of the “previously edited image of Kate to make it look like it was unedited.”

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Manners also said he was able to get on Carlson’s show because he “stroked” his ego with the “bullshit” claim that he was getting the exclusive because “mainstream media in the UK wouldn’t touch it.”


In a clip of Carlson’s interview with Manners, he introduces him by saying, “We’ve done our best to verify that your identity is what you say it is. You’re not a fake [Alexei] Navalny or doing a prank.” Once the interview is complete, Carlson tells Manners, “That was great, and it was really interesting, too. I did not expect to be as interested in it as I was and that’s because you told such a great story.”

Carlson’s staff allegedly told Manners that the interview would air next week, but because he’s now gone public with the prank that’s probably unlikely.