Trevor Horn & Rick Astley – “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” (Yes Cover)

Rick Astley loves covers — whether it’s The Smiths, Post Malone, or Foo Fighters — so it makes sense he’s on Trevor Horn’s star-studded cover album Echoes – Ancient & Modern. Yesterday, they shared their rendition of Yes’ “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.”

Echoes – Ancient & Modern has Horn teaming up with Tori Amos for a Kendrick Lamar cover, Marc Almond for a Pat Benatar cover, and more. Read what Horn said about his collaboration with Astley:

I didn’t initially want to go back and do songs I’m known for, but you feel the pressure to do them. It’s an album under my name, so there is a certain expectation to do the big hits. Eventually I started to wonder if I could maybe think of another direction for my old productions. When “Owner of a Lonely Heart” was mentioned, I thought of a nicely unlikely angle – a dance groove like one I’d heard on an unreleased 12” mix with evergreen Rick Astley singing Yes an octave down. It made total sense. Rick has such natural flair. Sometimes just who you get to sing a particular song is enough, and everything takes off from there.

Listen to the cover below.

Echoes – Ancient & Modern is out 12/1 on Deutsche Grammophon.