Trailer for Louis C.K. Documentary Examines True Cost of His Comeback: Watch

Louis C.K. is the subject of a new documentary titled Sorry/Not Sorry, which examines his comeback and gives a voice to the women who faced consequences after speaking out about his sexual misconduct. Watch the official trailer below.

Beyond going into how the comedian has bounced back from being accused of sexual misconduct by five women in 2017 and subsequently admitting the allegations were true, Sorry/Not Sorry gives space to Jen Kirkman, Abby Schachner, and Megan Koester to open up about their experiences with C.K.

In the trailer, Schachner engages in some dark humor, saying, “When I said I wanted to work with Louis C.K. I should have been more specific.”

Directed by Caroline Suh and Cara Mones, Sorry/Not Sorry also features interviews with the reporters who broke the story of C.K.’s misconduct — Melena Ryzik, Cara Buckley, and Jodi Kantor — alongside Comedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman, comedian Michael Ian Black, and Parks and Recreation co-creator Michael Schur. Critics including The New York Times’ Wesley Morris and Variety’s Alison Herman also participated.


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Sorry/Not Sorry will open in select theaters in Los Angeles and New York City on July 12th and releases on VOD the same day.

In 2022, C.K.’s comeback was cemented when he won the Best Comedy Album Grammy for his 2020 special Sincerely Louis C.K., in which he joked about his sexual misconduct.

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