TikToker Serenades Joe Biden with Off-Tune Lana Del Rey: Watch

TikTok comedian Harry Daniels has struck again. Known for his videos where he puts celebrities on the spot by cringingly singing off-tune for them, Daniels has brought his shtick to a new level, performing Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” for Joe Biden.

In the video, Biden comes up to a group of people for handshakes and selfies, at which point Daniels asks “Can I sing for you?” and breaks out into song. Delivering the Born to Die cut with all the passion and tonal accuracy of an excited pre-teen, Daniels holds Biden’s hand, and the president stares back at him with hollow eyes and a blank smile.

After singing a few lines, Daniels asks “What did you think?” getting a response from Biden that’s hard to make out in the video, but was ostensibly along the lines of a “Thank you.” As the clip ends, a seemingly unphased Biden just keeps moving down the line, shaking hands.


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“WE DID IT JOE,” Daniels wrote as the clip’s caption. Watch the video below.

Other than Biden, Daniels has serenaded quite a few A-listers, including Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Jacob Elordi, Cher, Martha Stewart, and many more.

Meanwhile, if you’d like be serenaded by the actual Lana Del Rey singing “National Anthem,” she has a handful of festival performances coming up, including sets at Coachella, Hangout Music Festival, and more. Grab tickets here.