The Haxan Cloak Shares Score For Netflix’s BEEF

Later this month, the Haxan Cloak’s Bobby Krlic has a score coming out for the new Ari Aster film Beau Is Afraid, but before that, he has a different score for us. He composed the music for the new Netflix series BEEF, which was created by Lee Sung Jin, stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, and was dropped on the streaming service today. Krlic’s score has been released alongside it.

“To be asked to create the score for BEEF was an absolute gift,” Krlic said in a statement. “Sonny and I, from the first time we met, we just had so many dovetailing interests. We’re around the same age and grew up watching and listening to so many of the same things. When he explained to me the concept for BEEF, and the tone he was going for, what the licensed music was going to be and how that could fit into the style of the score, I was extremely excited. BEEF is music that I’ve wanted to be able to express since I was 14 years old.”

Check the score and a trailer for BEEF out below.

The Beef score is out now via A24 Music.