The Armed – “Liar 2”

At the end of the month, the Armed are releasing a new album, Perfect Saviors, their follow-up to 2021’s ULTRAPOP. We’ve heard “Sport Of Form” and “Everything’s Glitter” from it so far, and today the maximalist crew are back with a third single, “Liar 2.”

“We tend to be drawn to juxtaposition and trying to make disparate things fit in new ways to discover some novel aesthetic resonance or emotional response. Some push and pull,” the group’s Tony Wolski said. “This is a dancey, happy track about being in the deepest pits of despair and giving way to lies and delusion as your only means of survival. It is a chocolate cake full of broken glass — the sonics of the track itself, seemingly in denial of the lyrical content.”

Watch a video for the song below.

Perfect Saviors is out 8/25 via Sargent House.