Stream ShittyBoyz’ New Album Trifecta 3: The Finale

BabyTron, the endlessly quotable Detroit rap phenom and Stereogum Artist To Watch, used to rap under the moniker ShittyBoyz BabyTron — his way of signaling his allegiance to the excellently named ShittyBoyz crew. BabyTron has broken out as a solo star, but he’s never forsaken his allegiance to fellow ShittyBoyz StanWill and TrDee, who are about as good at talking ridiculous shit as he is. Today, we get a new ShittyBoyz album.

The new ShittyBoyz collection runs through 20 tracks in 46 minutes, and it goes by the slightly redundant name Trifecta 3: The Finale. (There were two previous Trifecta mixtapes, but the title Trifecta 3 still looks funny.) The tape is exactly what you want from these guys — a whole lot of double-time motormouth punchlines over sample-heavy Detroit beats. There are only a few guests on the album, but one of them is fellow Michigan livewire Bfb Da Packman, who’s on the single “Shitty Pack.” Stream the album below.

Trifecta 3: The Finale is out now on the Hip-Hop Lab/ShittyBoyz/EMPIRE.