Stream Screamo Veterans In Loving Memory’s A Gentler Sun EP, Their First Release In 22 Years

The Iowa screamo sextet In Loving Memory made a lot of noise for a few years circa Y2K, then broke up in 2001. This spring, their lone LP, 2000’s harsh and frantic As Years Pass And Feel Like Seconds, appeared on streaming services in May. It turns out the band was laying the groundwork for a public return that had already been brewing in public.

On Friday, In Loving Memory shared their first release in 22 years, a four-song EP called A Gentler Sun. According to Bandcamp, they recorded it in multiple sessions starting late last year and carrying on into this spring. The music maintains this group’s core ethos — like the sound of bombs dropping and people reacting with appropriate horror — but also feels fresh and current, not like a holdover from a generation ago. Check out the full EP below.

A Gentler Sun is out now on Zegema Beach.