Stream Perfumed Saturnine Angels’ New Album Saccharine Curses Exhaled In The Wind

“This album is dedicated to Brandon Nurick. RIP. You’re forever loved.” So goes the transcription on Perfumed Saturnine Angels’ new album Saccharine Curses Exhaled In The Wind. Nurick, the Dallas band’s original vocalist, died of an overdose late last year. Co-founder Garry Brents wrote this album in response, with lyrics and vocals added a couple months later by Dave Norman from Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow and Apostles Of Eris.

Norman, who also runs the essential Canadian screamo et al record label Zegema Beach, is a decade into his recovery from alcoholism; he wrote these songs about addiction in response to Nurick’s death. His vocals, the kind of electrifying screams that scan as overpowering but not overbearing, are a great match for music that blends up the epic-scale aggression of screamo, crust, post-rock, and even a little chiptune. Everything’s right in that sweet spot where the casual fan of extreme music (me) can be swept away in the carnage rather than repelled by it. They did their friend justice on this one.

Stream the full album below.

Saccharine Curses Exhaled In The Wind is out now on Zegema Beach/Santapogue. Buy it here.