Stream North Carolina Hardcore Band Ends Of Sanity’s Ultra-Heavy New EP Eligible To Die

I wasn’t ready for this today. Two years ago, Ends Of Sanity, a North Carolina hardcore band whose lineup includes past and present members of groups like Magnitude and Life’s Question, released a shit-stomping self-titled debut EP. This weekend, Ends Of Sanity will play Detroit’s Tied Down festival, which looks like a great time. And today, they’ve dropped another EP that might be even better than the first.

In the five tracks on their new EP Eligible To Die — hard title — Ends Of Sanity don’t really do anything new. Instead, they play down-the-middle metallic hardcore with total verve and conviction. They bring the big riffs, the gang-chant choruses, the blistering tempos, the kill-your-friends breakdowns. The whole thing is deeply satisfying on a primal level, like beating your chest and screaming after defeating your own child at Super Smash Bros. (This is clearly hypothetical. I would never do this in real life.) Stream the EP below.

The Eligible To Die EP is out now on DAZE.