Stream Noise-Bombed Denver Hardcore Band Sanitizers’ Self-Titled EP

The Denver hardcore label Convulse Records is on an insane hot streak right now. They released stunners from MSPAINT, Gel, and Nag within Q1, and coming up they’ve got the Gumm album that yielded one of last week’s best songs. Today Convulse has another sick release to share: the self-titled cassette from their Denver neighbors Sanitizers.

Suffice it to say Sanitizers are not part of the recent wave of hardcore bands going pop i.e. Convulse alums Dazy and Militarie Gun. The five songs on this release are scathingly noisy and brutishly aggressive — sonic filth so intense that they might actually have a purifying effect. On Bandcamp, the label writes, “We swore off tape releases but sometimes a band is undeniable.” You shouldn’t deny Sanitizers either. Listen below.

Sanitizers is out now on Convulse.