Stream Michigan Power-Pop Band Liquid Mike’s Short & Sweet New Album self-titled

Ever since the Marquette, MI power-pop quartet Liquid Mike released their new album self-titled last month, buzz has been building. The record has become a word-of-mouth sensation on Twitter and other corners of the internet, with listeners falling hard for Liquid Mike’s stupendously catchy guitar jams. The band plays a sleek yet fuzzed-out form of ultra-melodious rock that reminds me of the first few Weezer and Foo Fighters records as well as Joyce Manor, Oso Oso, and some of the other emo bands that are more like power-pop bands. If you’re into upbeat tempos and distortion pedals and songs that overflow with riffs and harmonies, this is the band for you — and at just 18 minutes, self-titled is worth a spin even if you don’t think this is the band for you. Listen below.