Stream Krallice’s Spaced-Out New Album Porous Resonance Abyss

Krallice, the New York experimental metal veterans, love cranking out entire album-length statements and then dropping them on Bandcamp with zero advance warning. Last year, the band released two albums, Crystalline Exhaustion and Psychagogue. Today, they’ve got another new record, and it sounds like it’s coming from the outer edges of the galaxy.

Krallice have explored a lot of different sounds and ideas over the years. On their new LP Porous Resonance Abyss, the band has evidently gotten really into vintage synths. They’ve taken the keyboard sounds from early-’80s prog and sci-fi soundtracks, and they’ve combined them with their immersive, bugged-out black metal. The album has four songs, and one of them is 21 minutes long. I’m on my first listen right now, and the record seems to be entirely instrumental. If there are any vocals, they’re so buried in the mix that they’re practically afterthoughts. The whole thing makes for a very cool and weird piece of mood-music, and you can stream it below.