Stream Hardcore Supergroup New World Man’s Fantastically Ugly New EP The Beast Is Back

Last year, members of a bunch of big-deal East Coast hardcore bands — Mindforce, Pain Of Truth, Regulate, Life’s Question — got together to form a new band called New World Man, presumably named after the Rush song. Musically, New World Man couldn’t be any further from Rush. Their sound is absolute basement music — fast and messy and absurdly aggressive. It sounds like something that you’d find a cassette buried under garbage in a punk-house basement. It rules.

New World Man released their commendably gross self-titled debut EP last year. Today, they’ve followed it up with a new EP that might be even nastier. The Beast Is Back starts with a Rush sample and some world-decaying sound effects, but it launches straight from there into a metallic rager of a title track, and it never lets up from there. They sound like a band comprised entirely of ravagers from an apocalyptic planet. I really like them. Stream The Beast Is Back below.

The Beast Is Back is out now on Streets Of Hate.