Stream Finnish Screamo Band Letterbombs’ Peculiar New EP God’s Honest Truth Sessions

Finland’s Letterbombs are an incendiary screamo band (most good ones are, by definition) who recently contributed a pair of songs to a a fantastic four-way split with likeminded acts from around the world. Today the group has released a rather peculiar entry in their catalog. The God’s Honest Truth Sessions EP is billed as “three songs in the spirit of Highwaymen, Three Doors Down and Dire Straits.” That’s an unexpected convergence of influences, and I have to tell you, I’m not hearing any of those bands in this music, save for maybe the solo banjo outro on the closing track. (It’s called “The Day You Left Was The Day I Died,” in case you forgot this is a screamo release.) Listen below and see if you are picking up what Letterbombs are putting down.