Stream Fielded’s New Album Plus One Feat. billy woods, Elucid, Fat Tony, More

Lindsay Powell, the New York-based musician who records under the name Fielded, used to lead the Chicago prog-rock band Ga’an. In recent years, she’s embedded herself in the underground rap world, appearing on tracks from Armand Hammer and their extended universe. Today, Fielded has followed her 2020 album Demisexual Lovelace with a very cool new one called Plus One.

On Plus One, Fielded sings languidly over way-out production that suggests Erykah Badu gone full underground-experimental, or Little Dragon if they came up in Brooklyn rather than Gothenburg. Both members of Armand Hammer appear on Plus One, with billy woods, the album’s executive producer, bookending the LP with a couple of guest verses. The album also has appearances from artists like Fat Tony, Fatboi Sharif, Pink Navel, They Hate Change PremRock, and Ava Luna/Dirty Projectors member Felicia Douglass. It’s also got fantastic, way-out production from people like Kenny Segal, Child Actor, DJ Haram, and the Lasso. Lindsay Powell floats above it all, sounding cool as hell. Stream the album below.

Plus One is out now on Backwoodz Studioz.