Stream Death Ridge Boys’ Extremely Fun New Album Too Much Bullshit

In the past few years, there’s bee a resurgence of interest in oi, the simplistic and chant-happy form of street-punk that came out of the UK in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Bands like the Chisel, Violent Way, Mess, Béton Armé, and Conservative Military Image have been building audiences with their stripped-back working-class anthems. Portland’s Death Ridge Boys predate all of that. They’ve been putting out music since 2017, and they approach oi from a different perspective.

Death Ridge Boys’ version of oi is explicitly leftist and anti-fascist, and their perspective has none of the weird lingering reactionary tendencies that you can still sometimes hear in skinhead bands. The members of Death Ridge Boys come from bands like Pressing On, Raw Nerves, and crust heroes Tragedy. Their sound is straight-up oi with occasional pub-rock leanings. It’s fast and blistering and catchy, and you can hear all of that on the band’s new album Too Much Bullshit.

Too Much Bullshit follows Death Ridge Boys’ 2020 album Boots On The Streets, and its opening track “Not Alright” starts off by paraphrasing Aerosmith’s “Livin’ On The Edge.” At 12 tracks, the album is a whole lot longer than any past Death Ridge Boys release, but it never loses momentum. Stream it below.

Too Much Bullshit is out now on TKO Records.