Stream Cincinnati Rockers Sign Language’s Thunderous Debut Album Madison & Floral

Sign Language mess around with a lot of the same trendy influences that have been popping off in the indie and hardcore space so far this decade, but in the Cincinnati band’s hands they add up to something that feels bigger, heavier, and catchier than your average Bandcamp find. On debut album Madison & Floral, released last Friday and boosted by an endorsement of the band from Monday from hardcore videographer extraordinaire Sunny Singh aka hate5six, the album serves up monolithic swells of grungy, shoegazy post-hardcore that makes those tropes feel vibrantly alive, not beaten to death.

I’m talking dense, churning, effects-laden guitar chords shot through with harmony. I’m talking massive drum bombardments in which every impact echoes to the heavens. I’m talking rumbling bass so powerful you could bust open a bank vault with it. I’m talking a three-headed vocal presence that weaves in fierce wails, sweet serenades, and gruesome, guttural war cries. Singh isn’t kidding when he writes that this band has the potential to be huge — and based solely on the sheer magnitude of their music, they already sound huge.

Stream Madison & Floral below.