Stream Cincinnati Rockers Motorbike’s Rad Self-Titled Debut

Motorbike, from Cincinnati, sound exactly like a band called Motorbike should sound. Nasty Raw Power guitars blast chords and riffs at unhinged volumes, and every now and again they’ll jangle like the Jesus And Mary Chain. The drums are pounding and straightforward, and sometimes they lock in with the rest of the band to level out into droning, pummeling rock ‘n’ roll that splits the difference between Motörhead and the Velvet Underground. Welsh expat Jamie Morrison barks angrily and intensely over all that ruckus, as if he’s desperately trying to rile you up (or just avoid being swallowed by his own band’s chaos).

If you’re into all these new hardcore bands who worship Oasis, the Militarie Gun and High Vis types, you should make room in your life for one more low-key hooky punk combo from the Midwest. And if you hate those bands because they’re too poppy or whatever, you should also listen to this band because their music is caked in a Midwest dive-bar grime. Stream Motorbike below.

Motorbike is out now on Feel It.