Steph Curry Makes Rap Debut On Tobe Nwigwe’s New Song “Lil Fish, Big Pond”

Steph Curry is almost inarguably the greatest shooter in NBA history. He’s won four championships. Last month, while playing golf, he shot a hole in one. And now, Steph Curry is rapping? Curry has a long history of palling around with rap stars like Drake and Chance The Rapper, but he’s only just now taken his first turn on the microphone, and he’s done it along Houston cult star Tobe Nwigwe.

Tobe Nwigwe is famous for his ultra-positive raps and for his immaculately art-directed videos, so he makes a certain kind of sense alongside a celebrity as virulently agreeable as Steph Curry. Earlier this summer, Nwigwe made his acting debut in Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, and his track “On My Soul” has Nas on the song and Optimus Prime in the video. Still, this new Steph Curry collab feels like it’s coming out of nowhere.

On the song “Lil Fish, Big Pond,” Curry shows off a pretty good rap voice, and he delivers some verses that reference his NBA career: “Think I’m pistol packin’, how that ratchet on me like a gun/ They should put the basket in a casket after I am done. Tobe Nwigwe mostly just raps about how great Steph Curry is, and, I mean, he’s not wrong. In the Nwigwe-directed video, the two of them go fishing and sit in arena stands. Watch it below.

“Lil Fish, Big Pond” apparently comes from the soundtrack to Curry’s Apple TV+ documentary Underrated.