Spy – “Big Man”

The Bay Area band Spy makes a raw, fast, frantic form of hardcore punk, and they do it with so much style and charisma that they’ve become one of the biggest bands on the underground in the past few years. Spy formed during the pandemic, and they’ve only been playing shows for a couple of years. They’ve released a few EPs: 2020’s Service Weapon, 2021’s Habitual Offender, a split with Maniac last year. Now, they’re finally ready to announce their full-length debut.

Spy’s album is called Satisfaction, and it’s coming out in June. Lead single “Big Man” a two-minute heater, and it shows that Spy are not cleaning up their style now that it’s album time. “Big Man” is a supremely ugly and grimy ripper, and if you can understand any of the lyrics, I salute you. The song starts out blurry-fast, and then it launches into a breakdown that makes me want to light my own house on fire. Listen to “Big Man” and check out the Satisfaction tracklist below.

01 “No Redeeming Value”
02 “Surveilled”
03 “Carceral Attitude”
04 “Koniec”
05 “Do What I Can”
06 “Pay No Mind”
07 “Not For Me”
08 “Wrong Place Wrong Time”
09 “Big Man”
10 “Hidden In Plain Sight”

Satisfaction is out 6/2 on Triple B Records.