Saucy Santana – “Whole Family” (Feat. Flo Milli)

Saucy Santana and Flo Milli are two ascendant Southern rappers with playfully bitchy styles and A-list aspirations; it makes perfect sense to hear them team up together. Today, Saucy Santana follows up his recent single “1-800-Bad-Bxtch” by recruiting Flo Milli, who came out with her own track “Nasty Dancer” a few months ago, for a new one called “Whole Family.”

“Whole Family” is a heartwarming ditty about how “your whole family’s full of hoes.” Coming from these two, that sounds less like an insult and more like an affirmation. It’s an energetic club-rap track that makes fun use of the classic “Apache” break, and its video is just as bright and colorful as you’d hope. Check it out below.

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