Sam Hunt – “Women In My Life”

Sam Hunt walks a treacherous path. The pop-country star impressed a lot of people, including extremely passive country music listeners like myself, by infusing a Drake-style sensitive hip-hop approach into the genre in a way that felt completely natural and intuitive. But like Drake, his music can easily turn to gloop. Hunt’s recent single “Walmart” struck me as self-parody, but “Outskirts” was right there in the sweet spot.

Today he’s got another one that hits the Hallmark sentimentality a bit too hard for my taste. “Women In My Life” is about what you’d expect: a tribute to all the ladies who’ve helped him to leave his dimwit days behind and grow into an adult. “I’d still be a stupid boy out on the run/ Not half the man that I’ve become,” he sings. “I wouldn’t know how to know you were the one/ If it wasn’t for all the women in my life.” Check it out below.

I continue to ride for Southside. So many classics on that one.