RXK Nephew & DJ Rude One – “Fuck Yo’ Set”

Rochester rap maniac RXK Nephew, a Stereogum Artist To Watch, cemented his legend with a chaotic stream of YouTube tracks, which came so quickly and dizzily that only his growing cult could even hope to keep track of them. Lately, though, Nephew has gotten a little more controlled with it. He’s apparently put out seven albums this year alone, but everyone seems to agree that Till I’m Dead, the one that came out in March, was the real one — the closest that Nephew had yet come to releasing an actual studio album. Next week, he might get even closer.

A week from today, Nephew will release a new album called The ONEderful Nephew. It’s a full-length collaboration with DJ Rude One, a Brooklyn-via-Chicago producer who’s worked with people like Roc Marciano, Westside Gunn, Pink Siifu, and Wiki. Rude One’s beat for the new single “Fuck Yo’ Set” is an eerie, clanking thing that’s slightly less busy than the random YouTube instrumentals that often soundtrack RXK Nephew’s rants. But rest assured, Nephew still sounds unhinged on this one: “I’m not ’bout to get on the beat and rap like Conway/ Yeah, and I can’t stand in no club drinkin’ no Bombay.” Listen below.

The ONEderful Nephew is out 6/16 on Closed Sessions.