Roc Marciano & The Alchemist – “DNA” & “Turkey Wings”

Last year, Roc Marciano and the Alchemist released a really great collaborative album called The Elephant Man’s Bones. Roc Marci did the rapping, and Alchemist made the beats. The end result sounded exactly like what you would expect, which is a very good thing. Since then, Roc Marciano has produced Jay Worthy’s album Nothing Bigger Than The Program, while Alchemist has produced a lot of music for a lot of people. Voir Dire, the album that Alc made with Earl Sweatshirt, just came out last week, albeit in befuddling NFT form.

Today, the Alchemist has released a deluxe version of The Elephant Man’s Bones; he calls it the ALC Edition. That’s cool, since it means we get two more Roc Marciano/Alchemist bonus-track collaborations. “DNA” has humming strings and stand-up acoustic bass, and it’s all one long verse. (Favorite line: “Ain’t no rules in this bitch, hip-hop’s to me like a nudist beach/ What I do with a looseleaf is immune to critique.”) “Turkey Wings” has a bare-bones video and a sleek ’80s-R&B feel, and Roc sings a little on it. (Favorite line: “Your bitch gon’ dip once she learn you can’t get her a Birkin/ While I’m somewhere in the Ritz burping, sippin’ bourbon/ Jewels soaking in liquid detergent.”) Listen to both tracks below.

The Elephant Man’s Bones (ALC Edition) is out now on ALC/Marci Enterprises/EMPIRE.