Quintino – Melody

80%%Overall Score

• Mike Williams influences throughout
• Forgettable breakdown
• A refreshingly creative take on the drops

Discussing Quintino is rather entertaining, as it can end up either well or terribly bad; it’s roulette for us reviewers. We have rants alternating between his bland projects such as “Quechua” or “Brasil Connect”, while “TeQno” or “Switch Back” garnered our high praises. What’s sure is that the Dutch creator is not shy of trying out new ideas or crossing genres.

This time around, the concept is simple: picking up Mike Williams’ branded “happy-go-lucky” Future Bounce with just the pinch of Big Room to ingrain that essential “Quintino” sound to it. “Melody” prefers to be laidback, as I would have preferred to hear it as an actual synergy between the said acts for they are on the same label anyways. Interestingly Thomas Helsloot, a recurring figure in Quinten’s discography, takes the co-producer mantle here again and has also been featured on Hexagon and Nervous records releases before this.

This is what you would expect based on what the previous paragraphs state: the classic MW melodic patterns, a vocal loop (that I rather forgot quickly), and that funny lead. It’s a commendable blend done between Quintino’s style and Future Bounce clichés, turning out in a satisfying outcome: I have got no idea how’s that possible, but it is unpredictably catchy.

Surprise, surprise, this single turned out as a terrific twist on a saturated genre: Quintino’s classic recipe manages to cohesively introduce more dynamism together with familiarity, in a formula that gears it more towards clubs. The release lacks that shine on the breakdown, which is well-produced minus any interesting factor except for a basic piano. Otherwise, the overall song is a great and spontaneous idea that entertains nicely!

You can listen to “Melody” here:

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