Puri X FIGHT CLVB – Pongo (feat. Adje, Chiki El De La Vaina & Andre Da Tippa)

23%%Overall Score

• Laughable music video
• Insipid sampling of Reel 2 Reel’s hit
• Needless use of vulgar tone

Remember Coño? Yes, that multi-million-streaming hit which became viral because its title is a Spanish swearword? We now have a follow-up!

In all honesty, Puri’s “Coño” was a decent song, despite its minimalism and particularly laughable title. If you manage to get past the naming convention, there is still a solid Brazilian Bass schema underneath. Nevertheless, it was entertaining and worked well on the dancefloor, getting its deserved success.
After this result, the Dutch beatmaker focused on Moombahton with its peculiar Hip-hop attitude, delivering intriguing ideas such as “PARA” and “PATRA”. Then, this comeback on Spinnin’ took place, which includes the American producer FIGHT CLVB and a bunch of Latino vocalists: Adje, Chiki El De La Vaina & Andre Da Tippa.

If you are one to dig Puri’s signature maybe “Pongo” will interest you, but dear God, from a casual listener (and a reggaetón cynic) like me, this was a nightmare. Forget the “subtle nuances” of “Coño”: this track blatantly samples the “I Like To Move It” masterpiece from Reel 2 Reel, adds a couple of squeaky fills (taken from “Baila” and “Coño”, by the way), and just makes redundant noise. I am not into Spanish music whatsoever, but surely this intellectual super-team isn’t discussing say, Astrophysics? Everything is rather dull and unnecessary.

Latin discography is not my forte so obviously I am out of the loop here, but if you sample the pinnacle of the late Erick Morillo, rather don’t use it for a lethargic outcome that only aims to become viral on the Tik Tok? Sampled structure, re-used fills, unrequired obscenity, and the icing on the cake: the music video, which flagrantly copies “Dame Tu Cosita” (sigh) with an even badly animated kangaroo instead of the notorious alien.

Guaranteed hit? Perhaps. Deadly marketing combination? For sure. But here’s my question for Spinnin’ Records: are you in desperate need to pick up bargain bin Latin Pop for making your stakeholders satisfied?

You can listen to “Pongo” here:

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