Promising Indie Singer-Songwriter Lux Beauregard Releases Debut Single Titled “Fireworks”

Promising Indie singer-songwriter Lux Beauregard has released her debut single titled “Fireworks.” A wonderful first single, this song is a great way for the young singer-songwriter to introduce her graceful artistic nature to the world. She talks about her personal experience throughout the pandemic, and how both tragedy and beauty coexisted in her life during this period. The interesting nuance she brings is that she somehow juxtaposes her own joyful experience throughout the year to the catastrophic consequences triggered by the pandemic and affecting everyone. 

She has some serious skills in terms of vocals, and an equally powerful one regarding the instrumentation and overall music, best proved by the feelings and atmospheres created by the song. Some people are just born artists, and that’s the impression we had when hearing “Fireworks” for the first time.