Pinkshift – “to me”

Less than six months ago, the kickass Baltimore pop-punk trio Pinkshift released their debut album Love Me Forever, and now they’re already planning their next move. Today, Pinkshift have followed that LP with “to me,” a new single that shows a different side of the band.

Pinkshift have been playing “to me” live for a little while, and they recorded the track with Will Yip, who also produced Love Me Forever. On “to me,” Pinkshift slow things down and bust out a huge, fiery chorus. There’s some shoegaze and some ’90s alt-rock in “to me,” which is apparently the band’s first straight-up love song. Singer Ashrita Kumar absolutely wails the chorus: “I want you close to maaaaaeeee!” In a press release, Kumar says:

Love is a powerful form of energy that is not just given or taken, but flows endlessly and connects us all. “To me” speaks to the indestructibility of such an energy, and what it feels like to hold love close to your heart and with those around you. It is a realization that despite everything that is difficult, to be truly loved is to love ourselves.

For now, “to me” is a standalone single. On Twitter, though, Pinkshift say that they’re “ushering in a new cycle” with this song. Listen below.

“to me” is out now on Hopeless. Read our recent feature on Pinkshift here.