PinkPantheress & Stay Kids’ Hyunjin Appear On Troye Sivan’s “Rush” Remix

Troye Sivan has had a big summer. He was one of the best things about The Idol, the Weeknd’s HBO show. (The Idol was not good, and it will not return, but it sure generated a lot of conversation.) In July, Sivan also released his playfully horny dance-pop single “Rush,” and Stereogum’s readers decreed that it’s one of the songs of the summer. Now, Sivan has dropped a new “Rush” remix that features a couple of interesting guests.

The “Rush” remix doesn’t exactly overhaul the structure of the original track, but the new version does have vocals from PinkPantheress and Stray Kids member Hyunjin. PinkPantheress went from internet dance-pop sensation to real-world dance-pop sensation very quickly. Her version of “Boy’s A Liar” with Ice Spice was a huge hit earlier this year, and she recently popped up on the Barbie soundtrack with her song “Angel” and released the Destroy Lonely collab “Turn Your Phone Off.” Hyunjin is one of the eight members of Stray Kids, the hugely popular K-pop boy band. I don’t know too much about him, but Google tells me that he’s the “main dancer” and “lead rapper,” so he must be very important.

Hyunjin’s contributions to the “Rush” remix are pretty easy to miss, but I really like the way PinkPantheress’ voice sounds on this track. It would be cool if Troye Sivan could strike up a real working relationship with PinkPantheress like the one he has with Charli XCX. Listen to the “Rush” remix and check out the video for the original below.