Pain Of Truth – “You And Me” (Feat. Madball’s Freddy Crecien)

In a very short period of time, Long Island knuckleheads Pain Of Truth have risen to the top of the hardcore ladder. These days, a hardcore fest isn’t really a hardcore fest unless it’s got a wild Pain Of Truth set with a million guest shouters. Next month, the band will release their full-length debut Not Through Blood, and it’s got guest stars on almost every song. We’ve already posted “Actin’ Up,” with 200 Stab Wounds’ Steve Buhl, and “Under My Skin,” with Criminal Instinct’s Josiah Hoeflinger. Today, we get a big one.

Freddy Crecien, better known to most of us as Freddy Madball, is the very definition of a hardcore lifer. When he was a little kid, Crecien was getting up onstage to sing with his brother Roger Miret’s band Agnostic Front. Since 1988, Crecien has led Madball, the stomp-your-shit band that essentially defined the sound of New York hardcore as it exists today. Freddy Madball is probably the biggest-name guest on Not Through Blood, and he’s the guy on “You And Me,” the new song that came out today.

“You And Me” is everything that you could possibly want from a Pain Of Truth/Madball collab: haymaker riffs, clipped and barked-out almost-rap vocals, hazardous mosh parts, a general air of tough-guy invincibility. It’s the fucking shit. Listen below.

Not Through Blood is out 9/8 on DAZE.