P.G. Six – “I Don’t Want To Be Free”

Back in June, Patrick Gubler brought his P.G. Six project back into the spotlight, announcing new album Murmurs & Whispers and sharing its fucking phenomenal lead single “I Have Known Love.” He’s since shared the gorgeously droning “I Have A House,” and today he’s got, in the parlance of DJ Khaled, another one. “I Don’t Want To Be Free” spans eight incredible minutes, once again conveying deep intimacy and the heavy burden of decades through barebones folk music. The track centers on Gubler’s harp but also features saxophone by Wednesday Knudson (Pigeons, Weeping Bong Band) plus Clark Griffin on the Irish bodran. Listen below along with the prior single.

Murmurs & Whispers is out 9/1 on Drag City.