Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – “Bauhaus Staircase”

UK synthpop greats Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark have been around since the very earliest days of their genre, and they’ve just announced plans for their first new album in six years. The new record is called Bauhaus Staircase. That title refers to the architectural style, not the pioneering goth-rock band, but it’s worth remembering that OMD were once peers with that Bauhaus.

OMD have shared the title track to Bauhaus Staircase, which opens the LP. It’s a swoony, propulsive piece of classic-style synthpop. It’s not too hard to imagine a song like this soundtracking the prom in Pretty In Pink. Below, watch the “Bauhaus Staircase” video and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “Bauhaus Staircase”
02 “Anthropocene”
03 “Look At You Now”
04 “G.E.M.”
05 “Where We Started”
06 “Veruschka”
07 “Slow Train”
08 “Don’t Go”
09 “Kleptocracy”
10 “Aphrodite’s Favorite Child”
11 “Evolution Of Species”
12 “Healing”

Bauhaus Staircase is out 10/27 on White Noise.